AddPost(new Post('Rehearsal Assistant platform', << The long term goal of Rehearsal Assistant is to be a wider software platform for facilitating rehearsals in the performing arts, with additional uses beyond the arts.

click here to watch the video on YouTube

The above video shows the prototype Rehearsal Assistant in action. Note that only the Android app has evolved into a user-friendly application - the rest of the system is still under major development.

EOD )); $page->AddPost(new Post('Rehearsal Assistant for the Android mobile phone', <<Android Rehearsal AssistantRehearsal Assistant for the Android mobile phone platform is a voice / sound recording utility with two modes of operation:

Either mode allows you to review and e-mail the recordings afterward.

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  • Sound Recorder Widget - allows easy recording from the Android home screen. Click here from your phone to download the widget.
  • Rehearsal Assistant Net Addon - sending Open Sound Control messages when starting and stopping a session, as well as when playing back annotations, for synchronization with other applications (such as the rest of the Rehearsal Assistant platform).
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  • Rehearsal Assistant Wiki
  • SourceForge project page
  • Logo

    EOD )); $page->AddPost(new Post('Support', <<Rehearsal Assistant is made possible by the support of:

    • p.a.v.e., the arts entrepreneurship program of the Arizona State University School of Theatre and Film
    • The Hope and Robert Heimann Memorial Scholarship, administered by the Arizona State University Department of Dance
    • The Entrepreneur Advantage Project
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