About Us

ur·ban·STEW  [ur-buhn stoo]

1. Safe Terrain for Experimental Work; not to be confused with: rural soup, suburban porridge, urban, urbane recipes.
2. A collective of artist-hackers/dancer-musicians/educators-performers  who work collaboratively with community partners to solve community-centered needs through a techno-arts practice. Since 2009, urbanSTEW has been designing interactive and participatory experiences (such as concerts, festivals, workshops) that are transformative and empower audiences to think differently, feel deeply, and emerge creatively.  urbanSTEW’s core members are Jessica Rajko, Stjepan Rajko, Robert Esler and Lisa Tolentino, and we are passionate about sharing our skills and knowledge with all who are interested. Please get in touch!
3. A group of people making digital art, developing tools for art-making, and teaching anyone the skills they need to make the digital art they desire.

Arizona ArtBeat Interview:

urbanSTEW directors Jessica Rajko and Robert Esler talk with host Ted Simons on ArtBeat, Arizona PBS Channel 8, Nov. 17, 2011.